The latest trend in vacation rentals is long-term stays. With the year’s restrictions, many people are working from home, and though there’s a learning curve to working remotely, people are also figuring out they can work from just about anywhere these days!

Snowbird rentals are typically longer stays allowing families or couples to experience a resort town like Santa Barbara as more of a local and less as a tourist. But as airline travel is obviously down for the year, even those within driving distance to California’s Central Coast are thinking like snowbirds in 2020. With most Americans preferring to travel by car instead of an airplane in 2020, the coastal towns of Santa Barbara, Montecito and Carpinteria are ideal escapes for those living in larger cities within a day’s driving distance.

Vacation rental homes are seeing a surge in bookings, as people trapped in crowded pandemic cities, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Phoenix look to escape to a safe haven like as the beautiful American Riviera. And since it appears COVID-19 will be sticking around through the holidays, now’s the time to start planning your fall and winter getaway.

If 2020 is the year to work-from-anywhere, why not choose Santa Barbara?

pandemic work from home santa barbara

Whereas the typical winter break of year’s past would take the family for a week or two to grandma’s house, this year employees and kids are likely to continue working and studying from home. This means families can extend their winter holidays by weeks or even a month.

Vacation rental homes can be a home and a home-office away from home. Fully equipped with all the comforts and amenities of home, renters have much more space than a hotel room would provide and indisputably faster internet connection than hotels offer. If someone in the family needs a quiet space to work, one of the rooms in the vacation rental home can be used as a study room or to take a Zoom call, while the other members of the family are free to hang out in the rest of the house, the patio or walk to nearby Santa Barbara attractions, like the beach.

Safe, inexpensive haven on the American Riviera

With remote workers wanting a change of scenery and folks feeling cooped up after months of lockdown, Santa Barbara offers the perfect pandemic-era getaway. Vacation rental homes allow guests the option of staying longer for less. So why not stay a while? Renting a vacation rental home long-term is cheaper than staying in a hotel room for the same or less amount of time. And unlike a hotel, a vacation rental home can help your group stay safe and reasonably distanced from others since you do not have to pass through a hotel lobby or ride in an elevator every day.

Haller Coastal Homes has implemented strict cleaning protocols, which include special attention to highly touched areas and longer times between guest check-ins to allow for cleaning crews to do more thorough sterilization. And with in-home laundry machines and dishwashers, guests of a vacation rental home have the liberty to keep their space clean throughout their stay to their own level of comfort.

If you’re looking for a safe haven for the fall or winter, check out our long-term vacation rental homes to find your pandemic-era getaway in Santa Barbara.

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