List your Rental with us


We are currently taking on new properties in the Santa Barbara area:

  • Vacation Rentals (legal zones only – City of SB (refer to city map) and County of SB (only coastal zone))
  • Short Term Rentals (furnished monthly)
  • Long Term Rentals (Yearly)
  • Property Management of Vacant / Periodic Owner Tenancy

Our company is ready and able to help you get your property ready for rental regardless of what type of rental you have.  Whether it is currently unfurnished and you need people to help design and get it ready for guests, our team can help you get this accomplished quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost to you.  If it’s in between long term tenants and needs a handyman to come over for some repairs, a nice bath inside and out and professional photos taken to get it online and marketed, we can handle it all!

Go to our “Contact Us” form and start the process of what will be a wonderful partnership in caring for your property!

We look forward to speaking with you,

Tiffany & Kurt