Avocados are probably one of America’s most beloved foods right now. Millennials can’t seem to get enough avocado toast and avocados also play a huge role in Californian style Mexican cuisine. You might also say avocados are the darling of California, so it makes sense Californians would have an entire festival devoted to the fruit. And yes, the avocado is a fruit – “a single-seeded berry” – according to Healthline.com.

An ode to the avocado

For more than 30 years, Californians have been celebrating the importance of the avocado in Carpinteria. And this event is no small potato. The Annual California Avocado Festival boasts itself as California’s largest free music festival featuring more than 80 musical acts on four stages. Indeed, there is many an ode to the avocado.

Three days of festivities in include a guacamole contents, arts & crafts, packaged goods vendors, and of course, food vendors. Visitors are encouraged to check out the AvoEXPO Tent to see avocado agricultural photos, learn about the history of the avocado, get lessons in avocado grafting and more. There is also a “largest avocado contest.”

The Annual California Avocado Festival is also home to “the world’s largest vat of guacamole!” This is definitely a once-a-year festivity where you’ll want to show up hungry.

If you’re mouth is already beginning to water and you’re ready to mark the October dates down on your calendar, you’re not alone. This avocado fest is growing in popularity and this past year it surpassed even the organizers’ expectations with record numbers of 80,000 people in attendance, up 5,000 from previous years.

<<Check this year’s dates for the Annual California Avocado Festival at https://www.avofest.com>>

For Guac’s sake!

The notion that avocados have risen in popularity is not unfounded. The Washington Post picked up on the trend in 2015. “The rise of the avocado, America’s new favorite fruit” discussed America’s love for avocados. Graphs show a steady and dramatic rise in demand over the past 15 years.

California and Mexico were the major growers of avocados, but in recent years, Mexico has taken the lead.  Yet, Santa Barbara County is the third largest avocado producer in North America, with Carpinteria being a major contributor.

Check out this video for a pre-taste of what to expect when you attend the California Avocado Festival in Carpinteria.

Hass – a love story

Smithsonian Magazine also writes of the love and history of the avocado, citing 1915 as the year when Californian farmers adapted their own variation of the Spanish term aguacate to that of “avocado.” But the article, titled “Holy Guacamole: How the Hass Avocado Conquered the World,” goes on to note that it wasn’t until 1926 when Californian Rudolph Hass stumbled upon what is now likely the most popular avocado variety in the world. The Hass avocado’s thick, dark skin ultimately meant a more durable avocado, less prone to bruising – or showing bruising – during transport. Thus, the majority of avocados grown in California and Mexico then became Hass. And consumers continued to fall in love with the rich, yet smooth and buttery taste of this famous avocado variety used in everything from guacamole to avocado smoothies and beyond.

Visitors to the California Avocado Festival in Carpinteria will no doubt learn experience the Hass but will also get to learn about other varieties of avocados. The 70-year-old avocado industry in Carpinteria is the ideal, picturesque location to celebrate the avocado, with orchards in the foothills and the warm sun shining over the Pacific Ocean.

Avofest loves the community & pets

California Avocado Festival benefits various non-profit groups, so grab a friend and your dog and come on up to Carpinteria for this fun October festival. You can feel good about what you eat, since participating non-profits and local service organizations can generate as much as $100K worth of funds during the event. This money goes back into the community and educational scholarships like those benefiting local students pursuing a career in agriculture or culinary arts.

Don’t forget to bring Fido. Central Coast residents love their dogs and we love yours too. Haller Coastal Homes has pet-friendly vacation rental homes and the festival offers doggie day care which keeps dogs happy and cool while their owners enjoyed the Avofest fun. Check out the “pets” section of the Avofest website to learn more about the doggy daycare.

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Where to stay when attending the California Avocado Festival in Carpinteria

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