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Owning our own rental properties in another state, we know what it is like to be on your side!  We know how frustrating it can be to deal with corporate or larger management companies (50+ or more rentals) and feeling like no one knows your home or is focusing on YOUR occupancy rates, revenue and your homes needs. Yes, we take this business of property management of vacation rentals in Santa Barbara very seriously.

If you are with a company where you need to submit a ticket, your occupancy rates are under 80% each year…run fast! And if they don’t know what LOS and Dynamic Pricing are or are still using keys at your home…run even faster!

We are a husband and wife team (with 9 others working behind the scenes and in person at your property) that are available 24/7 to help both our owners and guests in any way we can. At our company, we have a heartfelt passion for each and every property that we have the privilege to care for. Our commitment to excellence in property management runs deep, and you can trust that we treat every property as if it were a cherished member of our own family. 

We are well-known in the industry and speak regularly at Vacation Rental Conferences around the country, being known as experts on having the “Best Tech Stack” and providing “Limited Edition Vacation Rental Management”.

Why be with a larger local vacation rental management company in Santa Barbara that isn’t focusing on your home’s daily revenue and occupancy rates? We have a dedicated team that utilizes Dynamic Pricing (used by hotels) which allows owners to achieve both higher revenue and occupancy rates. We have happier guests, the best reviews, exceptionally cared for properties and the BEST technology in the industry. The larger companies cannot say this. Also, these larger companies charge your guests more in guest and admin fees, which results in lower rental income for you!

We offer “Concierge Type Management” to both you and your guests with top level services which Streamline every aspect of your property’s maintenance, accounting, housekeeping, guest services (with guest app) and your owner accounting. Our property locks sync with all guest reservations based on check in and check out times and both owners and guests have access to reservations via an app.


In 3 more simple words…


We handle vacation rentals located in the coastal zone of Santa Barbara. We charge 10-15% less than most other Santa Barbara vacation rental property management companies. We are locally based and family owned and operated.  Being hands on, we are not here to compete with the larger companies (50+ properties) or corporate, but instead offer a different type of management service…one that is geared towards owners that play an active role in wanting to preserve their property and keep in direct communication with the Santa Barbara based management company that is visiting and caring for their home every week.

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