Whoever said perseverance, determination, blood, sweat and tears never had a payoff in the end was wrong!

We are living proof that after 6 long, tedious months of trainings, programming, trainings, more programming, did I mention trainings? and programing, reprogramming, appointments with my eye doctor to increase my strengths and the purchase of a new computer…WE DID IT!  We made it through 6 grueling months of Streamline Property Management Software School and are happy to report we are super stoked to add this new feature for our owners, tenants and guests who live and stay in Santa Barbara.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with Streamline, it’s not for the faint at heart.  Growing a property management company very slowly (as we wished) over the course of 16 years as Real Estate Brokers in Santa Barbara we outgrew 2 systems that worked perfectly well for us.  Learning a third seemed like something completely do-able and a task we were up to given that we have taken on more vacation rentals and short term rentals in the Santa Barbara area in the last 3 years.  Streamline is designed to handle this seamlessly.  What we didn’t know was how intricate each tag, each checkbox, each category was for each and every property in the set up stage! In the end, this will allow us more time to be at our properties but let me tell you, this was 6 weeks that turned into 6 months real quick.

The life lesson in all of this is that one should never give up.  When you put your clients and guests first and know that this is something that they will find incredible and a lifesaver in their busy lives, you do whatever it takes to make it happen.  If it frees up time for your company to spend more time interacting with your owners, tenants and guests then that’s a system thats a winner.  It’s the mundane tasks that keep us from the most important ones, the personal ones…our interactions with others.  Life is short….let’s Streamline our lives to enjoy every minute!