In Santa Barbara, as well as many other travel destinations, there is a new wave of sustainable hospitality that’s reshaping the vacation experience. And at Haller Coastal  Homes, we believe that luxury and responsibility can coexist.  Our commitment to sustainable practices extends well beyond nice views and lavish accommodations. We believe in, and want to be a part of, a world where reducing waste, embracing renewable energy, and caring for the planet are at the forefront of the travel experience.

Reducing Waste and Embracing Recycling
One of our key sustainability initiatives is to reduce waste and recycle at each of our properties. From recycling programs to waste reduction strategies, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint without ever compromising the quality of your stay. 

Beyond Single-Use: Refillables for a Greener Tomorrow
In order to help eliminate single-use plastics, we’ve said goodbye to disposable toiletries and kitchen items. Instead, we’re utilizing refillable amenities that enhance your comfort, but also significantly reduce plastic waste. Our shower and bath facilities feature earth-friendly shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, which are carefully curated to be both luxurious and environmentally responsible. And all are free from animal testing!  We invite our guests to indulge in the pleasure of mindful luxury—and enjoy a vacation that leaves a positive impact on the planet.

Solar-Powered Escapes: Harnessing the Energy of the Sun
As the sun drenches Santa Barbara in its golden glow, it also powers many of our vacation properties. Many already feature solar panels, and we’re thrilled to say that additional solar installations are scheduled for the upcoming year. Utilizing the ample energy from the sun, we aim to diminish dependence on conventional energy sources, fostering a more eco-friendly and sustainable community.

Smart Living for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Many of our homes are equipped with smart heating and air conditioning devices, as well. These innovative technologies not only enhance your comfort by providing precise climate control, but also contribute to energy conservation. By optimizing energy usage, we’re minimizing our environmental impact without compromising the comfort you expect on your Santa Barbara getaway. 

Revolutionizing Linen Services: Less Water, More Sustainability
Our commitment to sustainability extends to the very fabric of your stay—literally! We’ve partnered with a linen service company that not only uses less water in washing linens in bulk, but also employs advanced sanitization processes. This not only guarantees an elevated level of hygiene for our guests but also markedly diminishes water usage when compared with customary washer/dryer arrangements.

Community-Centric Giving: Supporting Local Causes
Beyond the confines of our vacation homes, we’re actively engaged in giving back to the community. One local donation center, DAWG, receives the gently used blankets from our properties, providing warmth and comfort to animals in need. Additionally, we donate all replaced furnishings to local thrift stores, extending the life of our pre-loved items and contributing to a circular economy in and around Santa Barbara.

At Haller Coastal  Homes, we want every guest to be a partner in our mission to leave Santa Barbara a bit better than we found it. We invite you to experience a vacation where each moment isn’t just an escape, but a conscious choice to help our planet. Join us in redefining the art of vacationing, where sustainability isn’t just a feature; it’s at the core of your Santa Barbara getaway.