Santa Barbara is a place where adventure meshes with picturesque beachscapes and an amazing town full of culture and history. Its coastal areas make it one of the top playgrounds for kiteboarding, parasailing, and hydrofoiling enthusiasts. So, pack that gear and get ready for an adrenaline-filled getaway as we dive into why Santa Barbara is the perfect destination for these exhilarating watersports.

Kiteboarding: Ocean Meets Air

Imagine feeling the wind rush by you as you glide across the waves! Santa Barbara’s stunning beaches, consistent winds, and vibrant kiting community make it a mecca for kiteboarders. East Beach, renowned for its steady winds and wide shores, provides plenty of space for adrenaline junkies to hit the waves and hone their skills. Or if you’re looking for a more challenging experience, Leadbetter Beach offers powerful waves and ideal wind conditions. Here, kiteboarders can test their mettle against the ocean’s force while enjoying sweeping views of the California coastline.

Looking for a little more adventure?  You’re in luck.  Santa Barbara’s close proximity to the Channel Islands offers kiteboarders a chance to shred some big water amidst stunning marine life.  Here you may spend your session alongside dolphins, humpback whales, and more.

Parasailing: Explore the Skies

If you want a bird’s eye view of Santa Barbara, parasailing is the perfect choice. Floating along at a stunning elevation of 1000’, you’ll get amazing views of the Channel Islands, the Santa Barbara Harbor, and more.  Santa Barbara Parasail is the perfect choice, and they offer experienced, licensed captains to make sure your experience is memorable.  They depart daily from Stearn’s Wharf, weather-permitting.

Hydrofoiling: Where Adrenaline Meets Grace

Hydrofoiling is one of the most cutting-edge sports in the surfing industry.  And it’s no surprise that Santa Barbara is a great spot to glide effortlessly above the water as you enjoy it. Merging the thrill of kiteboarding with the grace of surfing, hydrofoiling takes that rush to a whole new level. Designed in the late 19th century, the hydrofoil utilizes some pretty advanced physics to seemingly “float” above the surface of the water.  The submerged foil, attached to a modified surfboard, allows the board to levitate a few feet above the water and greatly reduces the drag on the board.  This results in an amazingly smooth, gliding ride across the ocean without even feeling the chop and waves beneath you.  If you’re looking to try this out for the first time, iSurf Schools even offers lessons on their e-foils, which are propelled by electric motors!  Their eFoil lessons are typically 2 hours, and are offered seven days a week, year-round — weather permitting. They even provide wetsuits, helmets, impact vests, and E-foils so all you have to do is show up and have a great time!

With consistently favorable wind conditions, amazing beaches, and a passionate community of watersports enthusiasts, Santa Barbara is the ideal destination!  Beyond the thrill of the sports themselves, Santa Barbara’s charm lies in its ability to offer the complete experience. Once you dry off, you’ll want to explore the vibes of the downtown area, abundance of world-class cuisine, or unwind at one of the many wineries that dot the region. With its Mediterranean-like climate and natural wonders at every turn, Santa Barbara leaves you yearning for more.

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