Give yourself full permission to daydream

If you’re feeling like you need a break or an escape, you’re not alone. Learn about the many ways you can enjoy the peaceful beauty of Santa Barbara while staying at home. And when it’s time for a “real” vacation, we’ll be here,

Are you longing for the Central Coast? Don’t worry, you’ll be back again. In the meantime, keep Santa Barbara in your mind’s eye with these live webcam’s.

Watch the Channel Islands nature webcams

SB webcams

Explore the Channel Islands without the boat trip! You’ll find yourself lulled into tranquility by the underwater sounds that can be heard through the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary’s underwater webcam, which is set 25 miles offshore of the Channel Islands. Often referred to as  “The Galapagos of North America,” the Channel Islands are brimming with nature, and while you might not be able to visit it during lockdown, you can get an intimate glimpse of the wildlife as it is undisturbed by humans. Choose from numerous webcams positioned around the islands where you can visit ocean coves, view sweeping vistas and even spy on bald eagles.

Virtual tours of the Santa Barbara Zoo

channel islands santa barbara vacation rental

And speaking of animals, nothing warms the heart more than watching animals play, especially when they’re enjoying a zoo without people around! The Santa Barbara Zoo posts regular videos of its adorable animal residents doing what they do best. Check out the zoo’s Facebook or Instagram for videos that are sure to lighten your heart, make you smile and allow you to escape to a happier place.

Santa Barbara’s Waterfront livestream webcam

Santa barbara beach webcam

Tune into this live webcam streaming Santa Barbara’s Waterfront. This webcam gives you a beachfront view of West Beach where you can imagine the feeling of the sand between your toes, feel the breeze and see the birds flying free.

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We know virtual webcams can’t replace the real thing, but don’t worry, Santa Barbara isn’t going anywhere. When the world is ready to open up, we’ll be right here waiting for you. In the meantime, and after you’ve gotten your virtual California nature fix, we hope you’ll be inspired to browse our beautiful rental properties and plan ahead for a future trip to Santa Barbara.