Here at Haller Coastal homes, we are passionate about savings in Santa Barbaraa. We’re here to help you save money on your vacation to our sweet town.

Remember, when booking a vacation rental in Santa Barbara, check the “added fees” most local companies charge to book a vacation rental!

1. Rent a place that’s in close proximity to local attractions – this will save you on transportation costs
Most of our properties are 1-2 blocks from the beach in Santa Barbara!

2. Book your summer vacation rental and stay at least 7 nights to get the best discounts
Check in about our specials we offer to our repeat guests and promos we may be offering

3. Search for rentals that include amenities like a kitchen and laundry facilities – this will help you save money on food and laundry costs
All of our properties (except studios) include full stocked kitchens with more than enough supplies to save you money!

4. Ask about discounts for long-term stays or off-season rentals
We offer nice discounts when booking your vacation rental in Santa Barbara on our website directly

5. Avoid renting a place during major holidays or events, when prices are typically higher
Coming before or after a holiday or local event in Santa Barbara will help you save even more

6. Look for places with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms – this will help you avoid paying extra for guests
Many of our Santa Barbara vacation homes have enough rooms to share. Keep costs down!

7. BOOK DIRECT instead of at a corporate site which adds guest fees, service fees and more
Make sure to also check that the company you wish to book with doesn’t also tack on “Administrative Fees,” “Management Fees,” “Guest Tour Fees,” etc.

It truly is commonplace now that companies try to add hidden fees to their vacation rentals. We do not believe in nickel and diming guests and unless it’s a fee required by the property owner, we will never charge for this.

Visiting Santa Barbara should also include more than enough basic supplies and beach items, etc. These are also items we do not charge our guests for and believe the more we can provide for guests, the more we can save them both time and money during their stay in our vacation rentals in Santa Barbara.

Let’s help you create some savings in Santa Barbara. Book your stay today.