Did you know the average hotel room is only 325 square feet? Our vacation rental homes, on the other hand, offer you an entire house for less than you’d pay for a hotel room suite. Here are just a few of the ways we save you money when you book a vacation rental home with Haller Coastal Homes:


🚫Hidden fees to guests

🚫Service fee

🚫Management fee

🚫Administration fee

🚫Additional house fee

🚫Tour fee


Vacation Rental Home Space and privacy

Hotel rooms average about 325 square feet. In contrast, you can stretch out in one of our homes with a choice of anywhere between 1 to 3 bedrooms, 1 or more bathrooms, plus kitchen, living area and perhaps even an outdoor patio. So, why book multiple small hotel rooms when you can stay in a large home or condo that can accommodate your entire group or family? And your vacation rental property is your space for the time you rent it. You don’t have to share common areas like you would in a hotel. It truly is your home away from home.

Vacation Rental Home Cook in a full-sized kitchen

Vacation rental homes can save you a small fortune on food compared to a hotel. Our vacation rental homes have fully equipped kitchens that have been cleaned according to Center for Disease Control recommendations. Breakfast is a breeze in our full size home kitchens, and you can easily store or freeze snacks for the kids. Stop by the Santa Barbara Harbor and pick up some fresh fish or drop by the local farmer’s market and grab some fresh veggies to cook for dinner. Pair your meal with a bottle of wine purchased during one of your wine-tasting tours and you’ve just saved yourself a significant amount of money on food and drink. And save the leftovers in the spacious fridge for tomorrow’s lunch. Now, you can’t do that in a hotel!

No hidden charges and awesome amenities

We’ve listed it above, but there are no extra, hidden fees. There are no mini-bar charges or pool towel charges, so you know precisely what your stay includes and exactly how much it will cost. From smart TVs to washing machines and BBQs, many of our rental homes offer amenities above and beyond what you’d expect and you might even feel like you got a steal! While each property owner is different and unique, we do offer quite an extensive list of amenities you can expect to enjoy in the home rental you will be staying at (some exceptions apply). View a list of our amenities here: https://hallercoastalhomes.com/amenities/

How to book a vacation rental

Our managed vacation rental homes offer you more space, more amenities and more space than a conventional hotel can possible hope to offer. Many of our first-time visitors turn into returning guests because the value is just too tough to beat! You’ll find that you’re have lower costs for amenities that are of higher quality – and often more modern – than what you would get in a hotel. Additionally, our homes are within walking, biking or short driving distance from Santa Barbara, Carpinteria or Montecito shops, restaurants, beaches and activities. Browse vacation rental homes now and find the perfect home for that next romantic getaway, girls’ trip or family reunion and skip the hotel headache. Browse here: https://hallercoastalhomes.com/short-term-rentals/?group_id=11770