In recent years, vacation goers have moved away from staying in traditional hotels, opting for more intimate and comfortable vacation home rental experiences. But not all privately rented properties offer the carefully curated amenities guests have become accustomed to in hotels. That’s why it’s especially important to choose the right vacation rental home management company that can offer a consistent high standard in guest services, while also helping vacation-goers feel “at home” in their vacation rental property. When this happens, the holiday experience can be richer and more fulfilling than if staying in a hotel.

Why should you choose a vacation rental over a hotel room?

Vacation rental homes provide the comforts of home and much more space than hotel rooms – even suites. Being able to choose a home with ample bedrooms means families and friends can travel together at greatly reduced costs. Vacation rentals also allow guests to stay longer and immerse themselves in the community so they can enjoy all that the town has to offer.

Need more convincing? Here are three ways choosing a vacation rental home can make your next trip more enjoyable than staying in a hotel.

1. Automatic local friends

You’ve got neighbors! Live like a local and wake up and take your morning walk. You’re sure to scope out a favorite coffee spot or café frequented by locals on your same block. Since vacation rentals allow you to stay in your adopted community longer, you’re likely to run into the same folks again. Strike up a conversation – it’s easy!

2. The excuse to be curious & the permission to get lost

Staying in a residential neighborhood away from tourist hubs and hotels means you’ll be experiencing local culture from a different angle. You’re likely to encounter pleasant surprises and explore more of the city’s hidden treasures. Slow down and meander through the quiet neighborhood streets. If you’ve brought your dog to a pet-friendly vacation rental, discover the local dog park or dog-friendly beach.

3. The joy of dining in vs. out

Vacation rental homes have fully stocked kitchens and comfortable dining and living areas, so you’ll never be forced to order over-priced hotel room service again. Being able to prepare meals can be a wonderful cost-saving bonus and a relaxing way to bond with loved ones. Tired of paying for wine by the glass at a restaurant? Take a trip to your local market and buy a couple bottles for the weekend instead. Many vacation home rentals also feature patios or backyard areas, meaning you can create your own al fresco dining experience.