The Santa Barbara Summer Solstice parade and festival draws crowds of more than 100,000 people from around the Central Coast and beyond. As a celebration of season, color, music, dance and life, summer solstice in Santa Barbara spans three days, and includes both a parade and festival.

The festival takes place at Alameda Park on Jun 21-23, 2019 and is an eclectic mix of world music, arts and crafts, food and fun. Friday activities are dedicated to highlighting solstice parade talent and participants. Saturday’s activities include a dedicated children’s festival with free goodies and activities to keep the kiddos busy. There will also be on-going music, including an impromptu drum circle, so bring your bongos and join the party. Sunday afternoon line-ups include jazz music on the main stage and continued activities, plenty of food vendors and arts and crafts for all.

Solstice Parade Santa Barbara

The biggest highlight of the weekend is the Solstice Parade down Santa Barbara’s State Street, which features colorful floats and lively performers in glittery costumes and masks. More than 1,000 locals put their best feet forward to strut their stuff in welcome of solstice.

Where to stay during Santa Barbara Summer Solstice 2019

Make sure to book your room in advance, as the solstice parade in Santa Barbara is a popular event drawing folks from all parts of California and the country.

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