We all know the phrase “Wanna get away?” And we all know the feeling, too. The good news is, you can get away for longer. An extended stay in Santa Barbara is easy in a vacation rental home.

Booking a vacation rental home for an extended stay is a lot more comfortable than staying in a hotel room long-term. When you stay longer in a vacation rental home, you begin to really feel at home. You settle in, adopt a routine, and in fact, you might even consider taking up some new hobbies or learning a new skill during your time in Santa Barbara. After all, you’ll have exactly that – time.

Along with knowing the feeling of wanting to get away – especially these days – you might also be motivated to take more time for your personal enjoyment. Maybe it’s painting more or going on longer hikes, getting back in shape or challenging yourself in new ways. From water sports to golf, and painting to bird watching, Santa Barbara has so much to offer in the way of outdoor activities and hobbies. Why not stay longer and make the most of your time to learn a new skill in the beautiful surroundings of the American Riviera?

Here are a few of the unique hobbies and activities to do in Santa Barbara:

Hiking and bird watching in Santa Barbara

unique things to do in santa barbara

Did you know there are more than 500 species of birds in Santa Barbara County? Birders will certainly want to stay a little longer in town, as Santa Barbara is quite a serious place when it comes to bird fielding. Santa Barbara County boasts a rich diversity of bird life and there is an abundance of trails to explore and spots to watch birds. Check out http://www.sbcobirding.com/ for all things birding in Santa Barbara County and to read the Birder’s Guide to Santa Barbara County for a listing of popular local birding spots.

Food photography and tastings in Santa Barbara

unique things to do in santa barbara

Shoot your food and eat it too! Led by self-proclaimed “local foodies and smartphone photo nerds,” the Eat This, Shoot That crew will take you on a group or private food tour and give you the inside scoop on Santa Barbara’s best eateries. While you eat and drink your way through this informative tour, you’ll also learn quick & easy smartphone photo tips from your tour guide to help you take your foodie photo skills to the next level.

Golfing in Santa Barbara and Goleta

unique things to do in santa barbara

Perfect your putt in Santa Barbara. Golfing in Santa Barbara is certainly an experience to remember. Experience lush fairways and smooth, fast greens. Just Google “golf Santa Barbara” for a variety of courses, some that are just minutes from Downtown.

Popular water sports in Santa Barbara

unique things to do in santa barbara

Learn to scuba dive, sea kayak, surf or simply practice your backstroke. Santa Barbara’s climate boasts more than 300 days of sunshine with comfortably warm temperatures. If your preference is to navigate the ocean from a larger vessel, check out our article on sailing in Santa Barbara.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our humble selection of a few of the many activities and hobbies you can try in Santa Barbara during an extended stay.

If you’d like to stay a little longer in Santa Barbara, browse our vacation rental homes using your dates and see what works for you. Take the chance to really settle in and enjoy your time away and maybe learn something new while you’re at it.